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Roulette System Winner

Dear Future Winner

You probably came here for a money-making formula that will help you to make millions. Hey, there is no such formula right now and I dont think it will ever exist. And those, who tell you they found the magic formula, are doing nothing but scamming you.
Extreme Material About Defeating Scammers
But here are the questions: How do some people seen on TV win consistently? Do they have such good luck or there is something more to it?
To see that Im not just a convincing writer intent on wasting your time with BS theories, please see the Proof of My Winnings right now.
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Do you know anyone else who ever achieved anything even close to that kind of profit in such a short period of time? I dont think so.
Here I want to stop for a moment and to get rid of all the losers who were looking for another BS e-book and continue communicating only with YOU.

My roulette system does NOT offer:
bullet 1 image A guessing play - If you came for a BS guessing system then you should just close this     page, because here you do not have to guess anything. And you know why? Because in     most of the cases your guess is simply wrong (this I can guarantee), even if you are a very     lucky person.
bullet 2 image A progression bet - Yeah right. Yet another trick which the roulette systems scammers     use to fool you. Ive been around for long time. So I know that sometimes scammers can     even change the name of this type of betting to the names like low progression, middle     progression or sometimes progression :). This is BS. They tell you this in order to get your     money. So they suck you in 2 ways: 1) you buy the e-book and 2) you lose your money     playing at their tested casinos, but they receive commissions from your losses because     they are affiliates of these tested casinos. If you came here to lose your money, please     go away. I don't need losers.
bullet 3 image A high bank requirement - Another trick of the scammers. Youve probably heard about     this, like you need a deposit of $3,000, so you can play with large bets and have large     winnings. WHO Needs This? Only a loser would follow this awful idea. Only a loser would     invest his money in a system without knowing if it works or not. Why cant you start     betting with $0.1 or $1 chips? And after checking the system and being sure that it     consistently wins you can increase the bet. Keep in mind: Let your bankroll increase ONLY     from your winnings and not from your pocket.
bullet 4 image 67 conditions to play with it - Right. This is the best system. And even you can't     request a refund from a scammer like this. Who will be able to remember those 67 cases     when to make the bets, what to bet, how much, etc? So if you came here to find a     roulette e-book of 10,000 pages that you have to study for the next 20 years of your life,     then you know what you have to do. Drop it like a hot potato. Exit. Leave.

"After getting all the BS systems now I finally realize what a BIG mistake I made by buying them... but I didn't leave your site and I dont regret this
Daniel Schäfer, Germany

Here's Why You Should Listen To Me

What Im going to tell you right now can change your life forever. I know what Im saying is true, because it has changed my life too.

Here is what I'm going to reveal you:
  1. How I always win.
  2. The entire theory about how my system works.
  3. How you can test and win money for FREE.
You already know that Im always winning. If not, then please see Proof of My Winnings. This is the guarantee that what is described here is not any kind of BS.

I started the Internet experience as a roulette system buyer like you. After buying those craps that ripped me off, I understood that I needed to do something to bring about a real system that would help you to win money consistently.

I was told a system that always lets you win is possible, since there are people who always win. But I didn't believe this. Like it says, it is unbelievable until youve seen it with your own eyes.

Read a recent testimonial regarding this thought.

You were right, man. There are some people who win consistently at the casinos. And now I'm through with them. Thanks man. I really appreciate this. I guarantee all my friends will get a copy."
Jack Nelson, NY
So I see you are now curious...

et's get right to the point.

When I played Roulette for the first time, I was sure that it could be beaten.
This was the belief that motivated me to develop this system.

So I started looking for all the methods of betting and calculated the winning probability for each of them. Of course the house edge 0 showed that the advantage is with the casino. I also found that playing at European Roulette is much more favorable for the player than playing at American Roulette.

Goldmine Roulette System - A simple thought that lead to it

So I changed the problem. What if I found the biggest probability of winning? And I found it. Its the winning rate of 94.6% and this with FLAT bets (not the 98% of BS Martingale system). Yeah you heard right. There is a modality of betting on flat bets from where you have a 94.6% winning rate.

Read what a customer has a say about this method and I'll be back soon :)

"Your roulette system gives unbelievable results! I don't know why I didn't think about it earlier. In fact there was a time when I was thinking of betting 35 from 37 numbers, but the following idea has been kicking around my head: Oh my god! I have to make 35 clicks for each spin. But your system is brilliant. You thought about everything."
Maxence Moreau, France
So if you bet 35 numbers from 37. How much will be your winning? 1 chip. Is it too risky? No, since you have 94.6% winning rate. So I was very happy finding this method of betting. But you know what? Even those 94.6% don't help you to be in favor of the casino.

"I have never thought that your idea could bring such profit, since 94.6% is still less than 100%. Your roulette strategy of selecting 2 numbers denies my suppositions. Now I know this is the best roulette strategy of playing I've ever tried. And I'm almost sure that I'll never find anything like this in the near future. ROCK ON, MAN!!!"
Brad Silver, UK
I started to play by choosing those 2 numbers at random. After playing some hours, the result upset me since I was losing.

The problem seemed so easy, but will it really be hard to solve?
But listen up. It's simple to find those 2 numbers when you know the secret that Im going to reveal you below.

How are we going to solve this problem?

"I really didn't think this could work. These two numbers were always so close to each other, that's why I was waiting for your system to crash at each spin. I couldn't believe this system can be TRUE, because these words were circulating in my head: "This must not work". You know what it was like: I would have more satisfaction failing this system than winning. I was playing fast at one time ("Fast Play" option) when I found a mistake. My first thought was, "Got you!" Then I looked at the previous bets for some seconds and LOL I missed out 3 numbers. So I wanted to say to others not to hurry up. I hate to say this but you were right. Your system WORKS."
Артур Манторов, Russia
Here comes the most interesting and secret thing that Im going to reveal you. So the problem is how to find out those 2 numbers that the next spin will not land on. It seems easy, but as I said above choosing them by random I was losing after some hours of play.

What if I told you that we need just one number? You might be thinking, Yeah right, then betting 36 from 37 will not bring me any profit either even if I win. No. Suppose we change the problem a little.

What if we are going to find one number on which it will not land on the next 2 spins? As this other number will be repeated for each spin, it will be the second number from those 2 chosen numbers of the previous spin.

So we just need one new number at every spin. Now let's put all these new numbers down one by one. We can now build a row. The first task was to find 2 random numbers for every spin and now we have to find a row, a sequence of numbers that don't resemble the casino row.

"You had a Very GOOD point about this row. Without this idea, your betting strategy (35 of 37 numbers) is nothing else than guessing, which in most cases, like you said, it's a wrong guessing. Just an opinion :) Thanks for the program! Your domain name says everything for me. This is really the World Best System."
Bara Masek, Czech Republic

How we are going to build up the row?

Listen, again we have a problem to solve. We have to discover the row. It's a little hard to find a row with 37 different elements (there are 37 numbers in the online Roulette game). That's why well start to define some properties, because it will reduce the number of possible elements.

The most important thing is that each number should be as close as it possibly can be to the next number of the row, if it's possible the difference between them must be 1.

The perfect row will be something like 0,1,2,3,4,5,36,0,1,2,3.. You might be thinking: "This crap row just can't work". You're right until we define other properties.

So the row is built up by defining the properties. The more properties we have the more the row is affected by them. Its unbelievable how much a single property can completely change the entire result. Thats why its very important in all this work how we are now going to assemble the properties.

How are the properties defined?

...I read many times before understanding everything. Anyway after trying the demo version I understood what you are talking about here...
Thanks for you hard work.
Yorick Hendriks, Netherlands
Properties can be defined by means of certain restrictions (for example what number will it not land on in the next 2 spins). Thats why they are the core of this system. So constructing the properties is possible only if you receive all the numbers in correct order. If you receive many numbers it is much easier to construct the properties. There are many properties and they change every day, because Im daily receiving thousands of new numbers. I store all the properties in a database. The overall number of the properties is in the order of 5,000.

Another important factor is the connection between the properties, since sometimes they can remove all the numbers and as a result it leaves no numbers in the row. In this case I exclude some bad properties, like those which were made when I had but a small quantity of numbers.

Generally properties are made by analyzing thousands of numbers. Thats why its so important to have more users of my program and thats why at the end of every play the numbers played by you are sent to me.

How you get the result for your bets?

The system has the last numbers you have played and it groups them. Then after it passes all the groups through a properties filter, it obtains the possible results. From all these results it takes the closest to the previous number (the second number given by the system for the previous spin) following the first main rule that the difference between 2 near numbers is as close as possible to 1. That's why its so important to have the numbers in the order they land.

Is there any way I can test it before paying anything?

YES. You heard right. You can test my system Right Now. Please go to the Download page and try it without spending a penny.

How to win at Roulette with my theory?

My system is completely new and it will cause a revolution with ALL the roulette systems. It really helps you to win at roulette. The same theory can be used for other betting strategies and this I intend to do and make more products available to my customers.

My roulette system is a generality of all my theories put into practice with REAL results. Use of my system will guarantee your winnings and will guarantee me resources for improving my program and well will guarantee REAL satisfied users.

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Insider Secrets of Casino's RNGBonus One - Insider Secrets of Casino's RNG -Finally, the internal secrets of the casinos are revealed. This is a invaluable e-book that will teach you how the online casinos work internally. Some chapters of the e-book are:
Random Number Generation (RNG)
Casino's RNG Formula
Casinos which don't use ONLY the RNG. How were they beaten?
What do we need in order to beat the RNG?

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Quick GuideBonus Two - Quick Guide - There is full information on how to play correctly and strategically with my program at the casinos.You will also learn how I exactly made the properties (the core of my system) that help it to be unbeatable. I'll show why the properties are so powerful.
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So if you order the Full Version today, you will take the advantage of all these bonuses.

After you have seen the power of the demo version, I know you would buy it for a fortune, but Im not going to ask this from you.

The system's price is $1,500 per month.

For some time past I started receiving many requests from my customers to give a greater discount in order to be more accessible for potential users and to offer them the possibility to start right now and use it. I agreed. So I know it sounds crazy, but because I'm confident on my system's results, I'll let you play at a casino and win $2,000 for FREE. So now you can pay for the system from your winnings.

By buying my Full Version youll make $10,000 (read more in the FAQ page) per month at a casino. I have a list of 100 most reputable online casinos and you can choose the casino for which you want the software. Also this will give you a unique chance to be chosen for participating in my future projects (this time investing only from your winnings).


My 30-day money-back Guarantee


30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I offer you a No-Risk Guarantee when buying and using my program.

But listen up. My money-back guarantee is not a stupid one as one of those scammers who tell you No Questions Asked. Then they will never answer to your e-mails. To find out more about this trap and more others, please read this article about How to Defeat Scammers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for My Roulette Strategy

So I give you a comprehensive 30-day money-back guarantee, but you must supply proof. It's very simple. You play with my program in Real Money mode. If you encounter a losing bet you make some screenshots of the entire screen and send them to me.

That's how confident I am in this program. I know that once you’ll try it and get a taste of financial independence you wouldn't part with it for any price.

Read here my Money-Back Guarantee.

"I wanted to say you were right about money- back guarantees. I really didn't receive any answer to my e-mails. I also liked VERY MUCH your idea of proving with a screenshot and sincerely it encouraged me to buy your system. And the funny thing in all this is that I was so confident in it that when I was playing and winning, it was something normal for me, as if so this should be. But wait this didn't happen with other systems which I bought. This program made me so happy after finally winning some money. Thanks!!!"
Max Rivera, OR
YES Michael! - I Want to Secure My Copy of World Best Roulette System Right NOW!

I am taking you up on your breathtaking offer today at the price of only $1,500 per month and wish to receive the amazing WBRS program.

I also understand that will get a copy of the Quick Guide of $247 value. I know that it explains how to use the system properly and how the properties are made.

I understand that after 1 month of winning $10,000 I can either continue with this casino by paying for another month, or I can buy a month for a new casino with $1,500.

I'm also taking advantage of your amazing, limited-time fast action bonus offer including your Insider Secrets e-book of $460 value helping me understand how the online casinos work internally.

I understand this offer carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. So as soon as yoursystem fails I'm making the required screenshots, sending those to you and I'm eligible to the full money- back guaranteewithout any other questions being asked.

I also understand that I will NOT be allowed to use WBRS program any further, if I am refunded within the 30 days.

I accept Paypal. If you want to buy my system just contact me and
you'll get the payment details.
Don't delay! The cost of delays and mistakes is too high.

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This offer will run out soon so make sure you order today and take advantage of this great deal.

To Your Success,
                       Michael Davis

P. S. - Youll be amazed how simple and easy it is to play with my program.

P. P. S. - You cant lose when you accept this no-risk offer. If after playing with the Full Version you will find just one losing bet, Ill refund your money immediately.

P. P. P. S. - When playing this game Ive always had a goal, which you should follow too, "Play as a winner not as a lucky man. Do not forget to read my FAQ page in order to get the answers to ALL your questions.

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